Sunday, March 28, 2010


So I'm drunk as shit and it's 6AM right... I have been preaching to this guy all night about how to pick up girls... how to meet girls... how to treat girls... blah blah blah etc. etc. etc. He's a guy that you look at and say he has no chance. I tell him it's all about confidence! This fucker will not listen!! Keeps contradicting everything I say and even everything he says... So I pretty much give up on him and have almost ruined my own confidence in myself because I have given him every good piece of advice I possibly can and he shoots it down like I can't do it either!!!!

Finally I'm like OK we'll take this shit to the field and see how it works and we both crash.

Still thinking about this hardcore...

I'm a man

I know what I'm talking about

I can do anything I put my mind to.... Why can't another human being do the same?

Alll of these things running through my head while I'm taking the ultimate drunk piss of a lifetime... And i hear a fly buzzing around my head.

I tell myself... "I will destroy this fly! With one swift movement I will take this disgusting being's life and it will cease to exist!"

I stand in the bathroom with my hands shoulder width apart above my head and reapeat to myself... "I will smash you Fly. Right now... With one slap you will be done."

So I took a few deep breaths....

Waiting for the right moment....

Telling myself that I am capable of anything I set my mind to....


Gotcha Bitch!!!!!

Right in the middle of my palms! I smashed that fly!

I feel better now.

What a sorry sap... Such an absence of confidence in one's self! I don't understand it. I hope to change his mindset and produce a real man from this sorry excuse for a person that just so happens to have a penis. if nothing else to reassure my mind that my thoughts are where they need to be.

Good... uhhhh... morning...



  1. well you have enough confidence to believe everyone should be like you , but apparently you have not become the douchebag you sound like on this website. there is no way i can tell you anything but try not wasting time on him or need just as much help...creating one of the dumbest blogs ive seen, writing about beating the shit out of your own even sounding like when you were explaining how your father spanked you as a child.
    TRUTH : I am a s&m enthusiast...i post spanking and dominative stuff to a well known blog every day...not only did i get a huge riff the you must enjoy it to...i only found this blog because the search engine exacted words i google and directed me here.
    STOP TRYING TO GIVE ANYONE ADVICE...EVER..people like you that roam the earth need to be put down,,,we dont need you kind infecting others...
    try to vome out of the closet as soon as you can...maybe it will work off some of your frstration...also you should give up suck at life more with it.
    ill come back here from time to time to see if your gonna be a bitch and verbally retaliate.
    sorry...just what happeneds when you suck